Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So little to say, so much time... strike that. Reverse it...

Cotton Candying in earnest. Yesterday was all the chocolatey goodness one could eat, smell, see, even listen to, over at Hershey Park. A lovely place just teeming with rides of all sorts, a monorail (which Ben felt was better than Disney's because it took in a lot more of the park, rather than just one "land"), and the chocolate. On ice cream, featured in a dark ride (which you go through in a "Doom Buggy"-style vehicle while learning how Hershey's chocolate is made), and walking through the park for photo-ops. You'll see that Ben and I ran into little Hershey Kiss. She was delightfully sweet and we made fast friends.

Then today: Dorney Park which, depending upon who you talk to, is the oldest park, the second oldest park, or just one of a number of great vintage parks which opened in the 1890s. Today was HIGH SCHOOL FIELD TRIP DAY! The amount of unruly hormones wafting through the park made me swagger! A waterpark is attached to the amusement park, which makes for scads of scantily-clad teen girls romping from ride to ride, with throngs of teen boys literally falling over themselves to keep in close proximity.

So much more to tell... guess you'll just have to stay tuned!

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