Friday, June 18, 2010

You could cook breakfast on the sidewalk

The mercury's rising into the low 90s today. It's the kind of day that Chicago is notorious for in the summer: hot, humid, sticky and crawling with people wearing baseball caps featuring the logo of their favorite team. I'm a Sox fan, but their caps are black, so I'd almost switch teams today, just so my brain doesn't melt from the super-heated sun-absorbing wool.

When we visited Dorney Park in Allentown, PA a few weeks back on a similarly steamy day, we truly considered attempting the flume ride: a guaranteed cool down from a bonafide super soaker descent into splashdom. However, since I didn't have a change of clothes (read: underwear. Mama doesn't "do" wet, craggy underwear) packed with me at the park, this was not to be.

I'll be a page from the Oprah magazine right now, where she beckons you to take in the inviting green freshness from a photo of a rainforest, the fragrance of field flowers in a meadow. Here's the Dorney Park flume ride in full sploosh.

Feel free to lose yourself in the sensation. The bonus: no craggy, wet underwear to deal with.


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