Monday, June 14, 2010

Six Flags Closing??

No, it's not closing. But I had to check. My chiropractor, whom I refer to as Dr. CrackyBacky, said he heard it was closing. He said this while I was face-down on the table, getting my midback adjusted, so I had a hard time no wrenching myself up and saying, "Whaaaaa?". But I kept it internalized until I got here on the internet to look it up.

Six Flags declared bankruptcy last year, but it's not affected Six Flags in Gurnee, one of the larger parks the corporation owns. However, it does get one wondering what's going on when the price of admission dips down, there's waterpark admission included, season ticket prices are discounted. All those things made Dr. CrackyBacky go "Hmm". So I had to determine what was going on. Not just for my doc, but because Six Flags houses an old treasure.

Frankly, I'm mostly concerned about Gurnee's Six Flags doing well because they've given a home to Kiddieland's Little Dipper rollercoaster. If that poor sweet coaster had to be moved AGAIN, wow, that's asking a lot of it.

But all's well in Gurnee.

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