Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mid-journey milestone!!

We're at the halfway point on the Cotton Candy RoadTrip, Park Number 20! Seabreeze is on Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY. They have their share of new coasters and such to keep the teens happy, and enough vintage charm to qualify as worthy in my book.

Hm. Seabreeze. Lake Ontario. Methinks I should pack my headband today, for keeping my wispy tresses out of my mouth. Nothing can wreck a day of Cotton Candying faster than pulling strands of hair out of your mouth while trying to sip from your Snoopy sippy.

Yes, I am a lady in her forties. Yes, I do own a Snoopy sippy cup. Pictured above (photo taken at Dorney Park, which is part of the Cedar Fair group that's taken on Peanuts as the company mascots), you'll see that his cap was a bit askew, in order to keep the drink inside from spilling out. Snoopy in da Hood. Snoopy gets Street.

Onward to Park 20, Parque Veinte, Parc Vingt, Park DvadsaƄ (that's Slovak).

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