Friday, June 4, 2010

The Mid-Century Modern Goddess of FUN!"

That's what I wrote in the guest book in Rm. 3 at Kate's Lazy Meadow, the motel/hotel/B&B/love shack owned by Kate Pierson of the B52s. We stayed here last night, and now I'm typing this while sitting on the 50s mini sofa in the living room of the Outer Space room. There are flying saucers on the walls, but they seem friendly. We played the game, "Alien Autopsy" (which is thoughtfully left in the room for guests to enjoy), but we tied since the kidney is missing. The game is very reminiscent of "Operation", but when you hit the sides with the tweezers, you hear a blood-curdling scream and the alien's green eyes light up. Anyway, the kidney is missing. I hope they find a donor.

I'm so at home here, in this Mid-Century bastion of all that is good. A stream runs nearby, a perfect place for sitting, cogitating, meditating. I plan to do all three before we leave.

Kudos Kate, for being just the coolest person in the world.... or maybe even perhaps elsewhere...

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