Monday, June 21, 2010

Three reasons why you should donate to my project on Kickstarter...

For a $100.00 donation (if my project is fully funded), you will receive a recording of me on an actual rollercoaster. For reals. This is a big deal for several reasons:

1. Think of the gentlest kiddie coaster you've ever seen. Think of me on that coaster, waving and smiling, happily posing for the camera. Now, erase that thought because at 5'8" and roughly 140 lbs. I would not be allowed on that tame little ride. Nope - I'll have to suffer through an actual coaster, swallowing down my anxiety at just the mere sight of the thing.

2. My last name is Turlow. Growing up, kids used to call me "turtle". Not just because it's a slant rhyme of "Turlow", but because I moved slowly. I enjoy taking things at a moderate gait. I don't rush. I seldom voom. Rollercoasters are the antithesis of my inborn inclination for cautious, calm, "slow and steady wins the race"ness.

3. Having been informed of my proclivities regarding fast,fast,zoom,zoom, you now know that a video of Pam on a Coaster is a rarity, a collectible, a valuable commodity. I don't do this for the grins and giggles. I'll be doing this to earn that $100 donation. However, you'll more than likely have a regular jamboree of grins and giggles while watching me white-knuckle it on the coaster.

For that $100 donation, I will be your monkey, strapped into the seat, shot into space, hoping Mission Control will allow me safe passage home.

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