Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since I have home remodeling on the brain (in the aftermath of the rain on our plain)...

I simply must share this scrumptious photo of the bathroom tile in Room 3 at Kate's Lazy Meadow, the motel owned and operated by Kate Pierson of the B52s (we stayed here in early June, after Cotton Candying at Knoebel's but before Hoffman's Playland).

You won't find tile like this at HOBO's (as neat and, in our case, life-saving in a money-saving sense).

As Kate puts it in an interview on the motel's website, "My artist buddies, Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker, known as the groovy duo whose home was the "Love Shack" set for the B-52's video, designed and installed fab-u-lous tiles and ceramic bubble art for the cabins."

Embrace the playfulness, the color, the festive bubbles. It's a shame that people probably plop toothpaste on this floor on a semi-regular basis.

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