Friday, June 4, 2010

Small packages...

Somtimes fun can be had in the smallest of spaces. Case in point: Hoffman's Playland near Albnay. 18 rides comprise the park, so it's fairly itty bitty, but packed with charm. Kiddie rides take up the lion's share of the space, with some classic "big kid" rides rounding it out, including a pristine Tilt A Whirl, one with clown faces on the backs of the ride vehicles.

Bonus at Hoffman's: that would be the train ride, where the engineeress (well, she's a girl, so what else would you call her?) rode us around the track TWICE.

Only drawback to a small park: not enough area to really stretch your legs, Especially when you've been cooped up in the car all day. After eating a stack of carrot cake pancakes earlier in the morning, a stack approximately 4" high. Kudos to Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia, NY, for making me rethink the humble pancake.

It was NOT a small package. And neither is my tummy these days...

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