Friday, June 11, 2010

grumble, grumble, grumble...

Right this minute, I can just slightly tolerate CafePress. But if you would've asked me this yesterday, I'd have told you the CafePress experience is similar to that of having gum surgery with a rusty butterknife.

Four hours. That's how long I spent setting up my shop, stocking my shop, replying to well-meaning friends on Facebook about how the items in the shop had images that were minuscule, fixing the sizes of said items, not being able to find all the items I had wanted in the shop, learning someone had bought an item (hooray) then learning that this particular type of CafePress shop would essentially not earn me one saw buck. Not a penny. Not a bean.

Sent an email to the CafePress "Let's Calm Down Our Customers" link and got a response. Apparently I had opened a beta site (she did not explain what a beta site was), that the items would not be in the Marketplace, that if I wanted to actually earn money I'd be best to open a Basic or Premiere shop.

None of these details were given, clear, or even hinted at when I opened my shop.

So, I deleted the beta (named after the fighting fish??) site and am now in the throes of using the Basic template, and it's working alright, but still I have no idea why CafePress didn't simply navigate me to the Basic site in the first place.

Anywho, what this means for you, Gentle Blog Reader and Vintage Amusement Park Enthusiast, is that a shop on CafePress WILL be opening soon, featuring items with designs that are tied in with the book. You'll be able to purchase t-shirts with "The Cotton Candy Road Trip" logo, a book bag with a photo of a vintage ride vehicle from Kiddieland, even an ornament with Conneaut Lake Park's "Devil's Den" devil, if that's your thing (proceeds from Conneaut Lake Park items will be donated to the refurbishment of the Blue Streak rollercoaster.)

So sit tight. Your shopping joys will soon come to pass. And you'll help me earn more moola for subsequent Road Trips!! How very cool is that?

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