Sunday, May 30, 2010

Embarking upon Sweet (really) 16!

Tomorrow, Memorial Day. Another day, another park. We've traveled through four states in one day which might be some sort of record for me. Of course, you travel above more in an airplane, but to let the countryside roll right past your window, past pastures, over rivers, and through the Appalachians - about halfway through, I began t realize that this was one of those once in a lifetime travels. Because Ben and I may travel through this way again - but it'll never be our first time through these particular four states ever again.

When we checked in at our motel, the desk clerk gave us our Priority Club gift: a bottle of water (which I have at my bedside) and a Hershey bar with almonds.

There's something about the sweet creaminess and the crunchy saltiness that makes the length of the day seem shorter and helps me to settle down.

I'm starting my Hersheying early. Because tomorrow, we'll be in a world of pure imagination...

Sweet dreams.

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