Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Good Luck Elephant!

I just love old-fashioned ride vehicles. While visiting the parks, I always seek out the kid-sized cars, planes and assorted animals with the most character, the ones who have the years behind, the ones that are clearly filled with wisdom. Look at this spunky pachyderm. You can just tell he's given decades of giggly fun.

A little "head's up" - I intend to set up a CafePress store with items featuring photos I've taken whilst Roadtripping. Once I launch said store (the proceeds of which will help me fund my Roadtripping)I believe I shall call this ride vehicle from Del Grosso's "Happy Good Luck Elephant", a festive little amusement-parkish Ganesh.

Imagine this little fella adorning a sweatshirt, or perhaps a mousepad (will the "mouse" frighten him? One wonders).

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