Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready to set sail!

Or, more aptly, ready to hitch up the wagon - no. Okay - fill up the tires and gastank, pack the cookies without the chocolate chips because they'll melt in the backseat, arm myself with tour books and SPF 30 and my trusty brown shoulder purse that holds everything I need for a day at the parks. Our next leg of the RoadTrip is just around the corner and I'm sitting at the top of the mountain, surveying what lies before me: six more vintage parks, varying greatly in size, shape, grandeur, character and corporate tie-in (or lack thereof). A veritable cornucopia of rides and treats awaits. Stories are waiting to be told, ride vehicles are teeming up to get their fifteen minutes via the snap of my trusty Kodak.

It's this time, before embarking on a trip, that holds even more wonder than when I step foot in my first park. No, that's not true; it's the whole trip, from the initial research to inserting that glass-topped pin into my giant wall map, to plotting out my accommodations and route. Every facet of the journey holds such promise, such possibility. From the first ticket purchased to the last mouthful of cotton candy consumed. It's all magic.

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