Saturday, May 1, 2010

What do Rosalind Russell and John Waters have in common?

You won't find much in the way of history lessons in my book. It's way more experiential in its scope; I'll touch upon some select historical facts and share stories from the folks who've worked there for eons, but I'll focus specifcally on how the park affects me at that particular moment in time.

Essentially, if you want the date when the carousel was razed or the exact year the park changed hands in the 50s, go look it up on the park's website or check out Wikipedia. Better yet, buy a book from the park's gift shop on its history.

Now, I do get geeked about a park being featured in film and television. So while I was researching Dorney Park, one of my upcoming Roadtrip stops, I came upon some delicious tidbits to share:

Dorney Park is featured as the park backdrop in the 1988 John Waters' film Hairspray. In the film, the character Franklin Von Tussle, played by Sonny Bono, owns an amusement park.

Also, the 1968 film, Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows, starring Rosalind Russell and Stella Stevens, features scenes of Dorney Park including the old Alfundo entrance over the coaster, the Pirate's Cove (Bucket O' Blood), Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Scrambler, the Coaster (Thunderhawk), and other Dorney Park scenes.

Photo: Dorney Park entrance circa 1950s. Isn't it kickin'!?!?

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