Saturday, May 8, 2010

A movie review on the blog? "Iron Man 2"? What the heck does this have to do with vintage amusement parks?

Bear with me.

Here's my mini-review for "Iron Man 2" which I posted on Flixster:

3 and a half stars. Big fun! RDJ, brilliant as usual. Mickey Rourke -- thank you for a multi-dimensional villain. Script, FX, direction, all great. But best of all, the acting. A special nod to the creative choice to cast John Slattery as Stark's father, seen in a retro flashback reminiscent of the old footage of Walt Disney presenting plans for Epcot. Inspired!

I Googled John Slattery and Walt Disney and Epcot plans all morning but couldn't find the image I wanted. But I know it exists (what I have pictured is the closest I came). Somewhere I have seen footage or a photo of Uncle Walt presenting his concept model of Epcot, the man the very picture of composed warmth mixed with that dash of little kid. In "Iron Man 2", Tony Stark is sent old 16MM footage of his father presenting a model of a city which... well, I can't very well give out the whole scenario. Let's just say it's integral to the storyline. And let's also say that Jon Favreau, the film's director, took an inspired leap by casting "Mad Men"'s Slattery as the iconic father, dressing him up in the same dapper 60s style that Walt himself would sport -- and even adding the well-trimmed mustache.

Go see the movie for the adventure, the great performances, and the explosions. But if you're a Walt Disney fan and know your Disney history, you'll be blown away by this homage to the great Imagineer.

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