Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Michael Palin -- hero, mentor, inspiration, and owner of cute knees

Ever take a look at Michael Palin's knees? They're pretty super. If you've ever watched any of his travel series or if you have committed Monty Pythons' "The Cycling Tour" to memory like I have, you'll testify to the neat cappies this man possesses, allowing him to take on many an adventure, on many a continent, throughout the course of many a decade.

Today's Michael's 67th birthday. Happy birthday, dear friend, and thank you for years of tear-filled eyes from all the raucous laughter. Thank you for Cardinal Richelieu, Angus Podgorney, and the already eluded-to Mr. Pither. And thank you most emphatically for the heartfelt wonder, gentle humor, and infectious excitement you bring to your travel accounts which undoubtedly have had a major impact and influence on my Cotton Candying. I thank you even once more, and I genuflect at your greatness. And those ever-so-cute knees.

(And he's super-human. Check out this video. A man of steel, he is.)

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