Monday, May 24, 2010

The hour is nigh for more Cotton Candying!!

Well folkses, the time is fast approaching for my next Cotton Candy Roadtrip, this one exploring eastern PA and NY state amusement parks. Firstly, however, I'll be accompanying my hubby on his trip down to Ohio University for his 20th college reunion - of sorts. It's shaping up to be a small-but mighty one, packed with tours of the campus, directors' festival shows, and reunions of college buddies who lived through the mayhem of an OU Halloween (apparently, this was THE place to be for a rollicking All Hallow's Eve parade a' la the finale of "Animal House." Almost.)

I love college towns. I adore strolling through the streets, checking out the stores that sell tie-dye this 'n that, rainbow swirl-colored bongs, throws emblazoned with the Grateful Dead "keep on trucking" teddy bear. I like to imagine which bars were the busiest the night before, how many spiked lemonades were chugged down. That sort of thing.

But in the case of this particular visit, my time will likely be spent listening to stories told between my hubby and his buds, reminiscing about which bars are now cell phone stores and musings about how many Bartles and James' it takes to get you really schnockered.

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