Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yummy yummy yummy, I have buttered rum in my tummy...

While working on my book, and the proposal, and researching more parks, I've holed up at my favorite neighborhood coffeehouse, Elijah's. One of their specialities is something called a "hot buttered rum latte." When I asked the nice counter lady to hold half the syrup (my usual request for anything latteish or mochaish), she said, "Oh, we don't' use syrup for this one. It's an actual buttered rum mix." I inhaled sharply and asked, "Like, with BUTTER?" She said, "Yes, but just a little." She then shared her secret: when she gets a hankering for said latte, she'll apparently skip breakfast that day.

Dang. I had breakfast. I'm doomed from a Weight Watchers stand"point". I can actually feel my waistline expanding, like an inflating bounce house at a block party.

Okay then -- enough sybaritic musings on all things butter. Back to the mind-numbing excursion that is seeking out what books are in competition with mine, and ferreting out who's my audience. If you're reading this, I'm thinking it's YOU, so please do introduce yourself and tell me what draws you to vintage amusement parks!

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