Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long ago, far away...

A snowy Saturday morning can turn one's thoughts to the reasons and inspirations for things. Today's no exception, so I share with you a bit of nostalgia from the childhood park closest to my heart, Fairyland Park, which was situated on south Harlem Avenue in Lyons, IL until the mid-1970s. Our "neighborhood" park, it felt like an extension of my backyard, only cooler, since it had rides and cotton candy (made fresh!) and I played my first video game (Pong) there.


  1. My flower power sister moved out of the house in 1969 to the trailer park just south of the Fairyland. I remember thinking how lucky she was to live so close to that magical place. Little did I know, the seedy underbelly of trailer park life, but she seemed happy.

    -Groovy Gail

  2. Thanks Groovy Gail! I also heard there was a dime-a-dance establishment across the street from Fairyland -- but it sold more than dances, if you get the drift!