Sunday, January 3, 2010

Joy to the Blog -- the Blog has come!

Okay world, I've done it. I've finally fashioned a blog and the world already feels like a happier, better place. Or at LEAST a place where I'll have more of a Web presence. Because I hear this is a very important thing.

Welcome to Post Number One for "Cotton Candyriffic" -- a blog I've started to run in tandem with my journeys for the book I'm currently writing, "The Cotton Candy Roadtrip", a travel memoir wherein I travel to forty, 40+ year-old amusement parks in search of what makes each place memorable and special. Sometimes it has to do directly with cotton candy even!

But right now, on this particularly frozen January afternoon, I'm all about celebrating the fact that I've got this up and running. So I'll be chugging back some minted hot cocoa real soon. Just watch. I'll even add mini-marshmallows, the adventurous soul that I am.

Peace, blessings, and love to all in 2010 (twennyten)

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