Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Altruism in 2010: Honor Your Vintage Park that it may dwell long on the earth...

So, you might be curious about some of the links I’ve posted on the right side of this blog. I'll be adding more as the days and months progress. A major reason in my choosing to visit forty vintage parks across the U.S. is that they are, sadly, a vanishing lot. Any Chicago-area reader will note the horrible events that transpired to close the gates of Kiddieland forever, just a few months ago. So if by visiting and writing about these parks I can keep just one park open just one year longer, my work is done. In all fairness, most of the parks I've visited seem to be doing well. Recent articles I've come across detail a trend to vacationing near one's home, or taking driving vacations, so many smaller parks have seen steady business - in some cases even an upswing! But one can never be completely sure of the continuation of any business these days, so I valiantly continue my pilgrimage.

And so, this brings me to Conneaut Lake Park. Click on the link and visit the site. You'll see that the park traveled a bumpy road in the past several years. The trustees of the park are accepting donations; some of them come with historically-inspired swag!! Make a donation and you can own a piece of the boardwalk. Or own a commemorative coin. You may also wish to purchase a book about the alleged Conneaut Hotel hauntings (Do I think it's haunted? Well, someone whispered in my ear while I spied into the vintage bar area -- and it wasn't Ben...)

Conneaut Park deserves to last for decades to come. I've dedicated a full chapter of my book to this historical masterpiece. Take some time today to learn more about it! (There. I've done my good deed for Wednesday, January 6, 2010. Peace out.)

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