Friday, January 15, 2010


I dedicate this day, January 15, as Share a Favorite Childhood Memory Day! Takers? Anyone? Okay, well I should start anyway.

Distinct images of visiting Fairyland Park in Lyons, IL. Fairyland held lots of magic: a vintage carousel, tons of kiddie rides, the pedal cars, the "big kid" rides like the Octopus and the Paratroopers (which was my long-time favorite ride until just recently when I found out the hard way that something sinister happens between your 'tween years and 40-something to your inner ear. I believe this is common medical knowledge; if you attempt a ride on such a contraption, you yourself will find this out).

Fairyland also had a raffle booth, a trailer actually, with raffle tickets of the "open up and read the number and see what prize you won" variety. Well, on a fabled day in the early 70s, I took my chances (and allowance money) over to the trailer, bought one raffle ticket and PRESTO! the carny (I guess it was a carny??) took down a hot pink hound dog from the pegboard wall and handed it to me over the counter. This hot pink hound dog was approximately 4 feet tall and took up around 10% of the square footage of my small bedroom. Imagine my delight when I lugged my new pal over to meet my Mom! Imagine my Dad then having to lug said dog around the park for the rest of the day!!

I believe Pinky was a part of the family for many a year, until I landed on him with the full strength of my chubby frame and broke his neck.

Share! What's a favorite childhood memory, especially one that took place at a vintage amusement park? Curious minds..

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