Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some breathing space. And a request.

Oprah gets it. Every month in her magazine, she devotes a full two pages to something beautiful: the ocean at sunset, a field of lavender, a verdant mountainside. It's a lovely way to let her reader simply dissolve and get lost in the image, to have a virtual vacation while sitting on the sofa.

Today, I'd like to offer the same: a sample of the vibrant landscaping found at Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA. Please enjoy.

Now here's my request: if you have even ten dollars to spare, please send a donation to the Red Cross so the people of Haiti will have all the help they can get. Right now, many of them are not able to focus on anything beautiful. Much of what was beautiful has been destroyed by the earthquake. Their main focus is survival.

Please contact the Red Cross or Oxfam and give what you can.

Peace -- Pam

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