Thursday, January 7, 2010

With visions of sugarplums...

Maybe it's the truckloads of snow that are being deposited all around our property that's making me think of this, but if I had one wish right now, it would be: to ride the world's highest Ferris wheel, swooping up among the tallest fir trees, taking in the snow-topped Rockies. What a rush. And bonus: the air is thinner up there, too. I overheard the woman who disembarked the ride before we hopped on. Her one-word summary: "majestic."

You have to visit it before the holidays, but it's worth keeping this in mind for the upcoming Christmas holiday in, yes, 11+ months. Santa's North Pole Workshop, at the foothills of Pike's Peak in Colorado, becomes a heavenly winter wonderland where the spirit of Christmas is quite palpable. When we were there back in September, many of the folks I interviewed touted the week leading up to Christmas, including Christmas Eve, as the most memorable time to visit (although I thoroughly enjoyed hearing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer being played at the carousel in the late summertime).

Don't forget to say "hello" to the Jolly Old Elf himself while you're there (I asked for Colorforms...).

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