Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ABBA World

I'm a big fan of the WGN Morning news, featuring my "Hey Pam! Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey" fellow South Sider Robin Baumgarten, the cute 'n acerbic Larry Potash, and "Polka Weather Guy" Paul Konrad (my quotes, not his. But they always play polkas under his forecasts, so...). Armed with a mug of hot tea, I perch on the couch and find out what's been going on in the world, and also am pretty much guaranteed to start out the day being well entertained. They're a barrel of hijinx.

But when Robin told me to stay tuned for news on ABBA World, which she SAID was an "ABBA theme park", I basically squeaked! ABBA theme park? Imagine the possibilities: "En Karusell" (pretty self-explanatory), "Take a Chance on Me" arcade ("Where 'the winner takes it all!'"), "Super Trooper" paratroopers, "Head Over Heels" rollercoaster, and, of course, the "Waterloo" log flume.

So imagine the sad trombone music that played in my living room when it turned out ABBA World, which just opened in London, is an exhibition of ABBA memorabilia and history, probably similar to the "Titanic" exhibition, but no one drowns. Fans get to tour through 25 rooms of glittery jumpsuits, take a quiz to test their knowledge of all things Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, and even "sing along live with ABBA" with super souped-up Swedish video karaoke!

I still like my amusement park ride ideas. Maybe I need to track down their private island and have them build it there.

(Just don't want to see those puppets again. Night terrors...)

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