Friday, March 14, 2014

The Cotton Candy Road Trip soon to be published and carried by Theme Park Press!

Exciting news on the book front!  I'm tickled pink to announce that "The Cotton Candy Road Trip" will be published by Theme Park Press very soon!  TPP focuses on books about Disney legends, Disney parks, amusement parks and amusement park history - and apparently my book fits the bill!  So the parks I visited, the stories I told, the journey I took will be receiving a much larger audience very soon!  I'm thrilled, excited, slack-jawed: the whole darned thing!

A small number of the original self-published version are sitting on a shelf in my basement, waiting for me to autograph and send to YOU!  If you're interested, please contact me directly.  The price is a low, low $17, and that includes free shipping!

I'm still pinching myself.  But not SO much that I can't autograph a few books and send them out ...

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