Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Throw it to the wall. See if it sticks.

At approximately 2:30 PM today, I removed my coat. Big deal, right? Well, yes, it is if it's March 10 and it's been cold and bone-achey for months and now you're able to throw your coat to the wind, like Mary Tyler Moore jettisons her beret. Well, I didn't throw it to the wind sicne it's a nice coat, but I did throw it into my backseat, the vagabond risk taker that I am.

All this warmth means only one thing: time to plan itineraries for my Cotton Candy 2010 Roadtrips. Right now, I have three general geographical clusters I'd like to work with: southern Ohio/Kentucky/Tennessee/Indiana, the East Coast, and eastern Pennsylvania. Just casually lurking through those states, I can spy a possible total of around, oh, 20 or so parks just like that! But there are so many more possibilities, including a grand old park in Iowa and, let us not forget, Flintstone's Bedrock land in South Dakota. So the mind boggles.

Now is the time to send along ideas for my road trippin'. So bring it on.

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