Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey -- that's, um, freaky...

I forget how the topic came up, but I was at a voice-over session yesterday and the producer and I got talking about my book project and suddenly we strode down the tangential side road of the freak show.

"I think they still have them at Coney Island", said she.

"Really? Are you getting that confused with the burlesque show there?" asked I.

Neither of us was quite sure where to go from there and were probably both grateful it was time to start recording. But it got my brain a'tapping, so I've done a little research.


Yes Virginia, there IS still a place to attend a proper sideshow, complete with freaks and human curiosities.

I can't wait. The main amusement park may be gone (there are still some rides remaining, so it's definitely fodder for my book), but the freaks abide.


  1. Hey, I was trapped. She wants a Clifford, by playing a game that's designed so that I will always lose.
    If I play it, I lose.
    If I don't, I lose.

    What would you do?

  2. Sweetiebear -- you posted this under the wrong entry...but I love you all the same.