Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy. Busy. Planning.

And looking forward to more Cotton Candying! As many of you already know, my day job is doing voice-over work and it can be very rewarding. And also very fleeting. Recently I've felt like a schnauzer on a choke chain, being yanked back and forth by someone with bipolar disorder. Seemingly happy-happy one week, discontent and malodorous the next. But this week, THIS week, it's been rather bright and sunny in the realm of speaking in front of the good ol' mic, so I'm able to focus on the upcoming journeys. They include:

** A trip to Athens, OH for my hubby's college reunion, with trips to several parks in the southern OH and IN region.

** A trip to SD and IA

** Looking into what parks I can visit in the greater Boston area.

When all is said and done, at least ten more parks will be visited in the next few months.

And there will be much rejoicing! I may even run around in circles in the back yard -- but no more tail-chasing.

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