Friday, March 5, 2010

No Joy in Joyland

THIS is why I'm working on this project, why it's become more of a calling than just a book-in-progress that entitles me to ride all the rides.

While researching parks to visit in the Midwest (there are precious few), I came upon a Wikipedia entry for Joyland, an abandoned park in Kansas. Unless you have a heart of granite, the following segment of the entry will move you:

Since the park closed in 2005 it has been subjected to numerous incidents of vandalism and looting. Nearly every building in the park is covered with graffiti and the vintage sign from the top of the roller coaster has been stolen. The administration offices have also been destroyed. Park owner Margaret Nelson was quoted as saying "We're sick. Our hearts are just sick. It's not easy, not easy."

The park opened in 1949. Think of the generations who enjoyed themselves there. Imagine the energies which were created there, and still linger. It would be a crime for me to recogize them and NOT write about parks who still stand a chance.

Joyland, I never knew you. But I was great, good friends with your departed cousins and, in their memories, I honor you.


  1. I love your title, Pam! Looking forward to hearing more. If you need some pictures for your book, I could supply you a few very nice ones that capture the feel of Kiddieland.

  2. (Oh, and Fearless Raccoon is your VO pal Tom Quiz).