Monday, March 29, 2010

Gotta go to SIlver Dollar City!

Branson, MO isn't exactly located near any other vintage amusement parks, so visiting it will be one of those chief destination, single park journeys, but after watching last night's "Undercover Boss" on CBS, just try to keep me from visiting it for my Roadtrip!

In the episode, CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment Joel Manby went in cognito and got to see first hand the dedication and hard work his employees put into their daily tasks. One of the properties visited was Silver Dollar City, opened over 50 years ago and still running strong. And it's clear to see why: the staff is so friendly and committed to their jobs to give each and every park-goer a fantastic, fun-filled day.

The folks depicted in the show are the exact types of people I encounter when I visit vintage parks: the gate greeter who makes sure those entering receive a personal, friendly welcome to start their day off right, the captain of a touring boat who makes every single person's experience a delightful story to tell when they get home.

Truly, they personify the "balloon man soul". And I run into them time and time again.

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