Thursday, March 18, 2010

At the end of the rainbow...I found a new park!

Or I should say an old one, but it's new to me!

Been curious about parks in the Southwest -- haven't found too many. Happened upon Enchanted Island in Encanto Park in Phoenix AZ. Phoenix!! I can alredy taste the TexMex!

Put an email out for more info about the park and learned that it's the historic “Kiddieland” which was opened in the late 1940’s. The park was closed in December of 1987 while the City of Phoenix completely renovated the grounds and constructed new facilities. Construction was completed in September of 1991, RACAM Encanto, Inc. assumed the property in October and opened Enchanted Island in November of that year.

It always puts me in a happy, almost prancing mood, when I discover a park to add to the Cotton Candy Roadtrip itinerary!

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