Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wondering where they are now...

I've used the accompanying photo as my profile picture on Facebook. I found it while doing a Google search on Kiddieland months back. I think some of my friends got confused and thought it was a photo of Ben and me at Kiddieland as kids (which would be impossible unless we were time travelers). The sheer joy and unbridled thrill on the faces of these kids just tickles me. In a grey, fuzzy mood? Whip out this photo (no pun intended, as they're riding the Roto Whip) and it'll surely dispel the most dismal of moods.

But it got me wondering: who are these kids and where are they today? The ride pictured here is Kiddieland's Roto Whip, a truly wonderful vintage ride WF Mangels dating back to 1939. Imagine the hundreds, no, more like thousands of children who've thrilled to the whip and whir of the ride over the years. Judging by the clothing here, I'd say this was taken sometime in the late 40s through the 50s. These kids are more than likely entitled to a senior discount at the movies by now.

This ride obviously touched the hearts of so many kids and their parents, who were forever rewarded with the memory of Sally or Tommy giggling gleefully, then snapping a photo to make it stick. Interestingly, it was up for sale on Ebay just this past week, with a starting bid of $10,000.

It received no bids.

Hello out there! Anyone interested in giving this ride a new home? Anyone? Buehler?

(Maybe these kids are named "Buehler", you never know. Maybe I'll Google "Buehler")

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