Saturday, April 24, 2010


Ben, my soulmate, best friend, and adorable scallywag STOLE these flowers! He might not want to admit it, but his love is so true that he crept onto someone's property and actually stole these flowers for me, knowing how thrilled I would be to savor their tender perfume (and how excited I'd be to know my hubby risked at least a possibly arched eyebrow or, at most, a Clint Eastwood-inspired "Get off my lawn" showdown.)

What he braves for me!

He knows lilacs are my favorite flower, a partiality my Mom handed down to me. Mom would always trim back the lilacs, gathering hte delicate branches to nestle in vases and jam jars around the house. Lilacs from her backyard bush center stage in my wedding day bouquet.

On Monday, we'll be selling the portion of my parents' property, the portion where the lilacs reside - if they're even still thriving. We're selling the land at a loss, but it's just time to let it go and let the family who bought my childhood home take over the lot.

I'll be requesting to come over and take a cutting from the lilacs. No idea if they'll take; they're ancient. If they don't, I now know of a bush in unincorporated Elmhurst where I can go, wearing a cat burglar suit, armed with garden clippers.

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