Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Spring, when things get a new lease on life. Including rides from Kiddieland!


Dig this! While trolling around some of the websites for parks I've already visited, I noticed Dutch Village in Holland, MI has done something that has warmed my heart on this rather briskish April morning: they have a new ride, which is new to them, but not entirely new at all -- pumper cars, the very same pumper cars which kiddies rode with abandon at our dearly departed Kiddieland.

I'm not entirely positive I had anything to do with this, but when I visited Dutch Village, I did mention to the owner about the Kiddieland ride auction. So you never can tell. If I did have anything to do with the inclusion of this wonderful ride (now called Petal Pumper cars, including "petal", as in tulips, as in what makes Holland, MI famous) at Dutch Village, one of the sweetest, quaintest parks you'll ever visit, then my month of April and maybe even the entire season of Spring is just blossoming with happiness!

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