Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't let it dampen your fun.

The day we visited Erie's Waldameer Park, it rained, a cold, slippery rain that wouldn't let up. Or maybe it did let up, but it was damp and murky so it felt as if it kept raining microscopic drops just to mess with you. But it didn't dampen our day. We took tons of pictures from the gliding ride that takes you up above the treetops, allowing you a great view of the rides beneath. My knees were chilly and pink, but I wouldn't let that dampen my fun. This was the last stop on the first leg of the Cotton Candy Roadtrip, dang it, and I wasn't about to let a little moisture get the best of me.

Ducked into the funhouse, went shopping, but still the rain drizzled down -- but kids kept enjoying themselves. Ben and I shared some Dippin' Dots, those hyperfrozen dots of ice cream that still taste like ice cream through the magic of cryogenics.

So it's rainy today. But it doesn't dampen your spirit unless you let it.

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