Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bobbing along, bobbing along...

Seated in a relatively quiet terminal at Orlando International Airport, waiting for our flight, listening to Mozart and CNN simultaneously, while I'm typing away while I wonder when I'll stop feeling like the boat is still rocking under my seat.

Yes, our grand tour of the eastern Caribbean ended this morning and the Floating Mouse House is setting sail with a whole new crop of seafarers at this very minute.

And I'm so jealous I could spit.

I highly recommend the Disney Cruise for anyone, any age, at any time. Just go. Wonderful service, wonderful food, wonderful excursions and entertainment. It just goes on and on, the wonder of it all.

Some highlights:

The "Sweet Temptations" nightly dessert offering. Always inventive, never boring, always delicious.

Getting a free upgrade (angels must've been aflight) to a room with an outdoor open air deck, with chairs and a little table for setting your Mai Tai upon.

The onboard gym, with a glorious view of the ocean through the huge windows. It's located Forward so you see what the captain sees while you're working the elliptical.

The "Pirates IN the Caribbean" night time show, complete with pirates and fireworks! Arrrrrgghhhh -- thar be firey chrysanthemums above the sea!!!

The island of St. John. Just. Beautiful.

And, most importantly, quiet contemplative time. Especially with my wonderful hubby.

So I'm almost back home and I'll be blogging up a storm and posting a plethora of pictures. Stay tuned.

Oh -- and I'll be working out basically around the clock.

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