Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wally Points. I like it!

Rarely will I find amusement park news that's really relevant to my book or that's actually groundbreaking. But this little missive about Erie PA's Waldameer is quite intriguing:

Waldameer going cashless (Erie, PA, USA)
Waldameer patrons won't need a dime to visit the Erie, Penn., amusement park this year, but they will need Wally Points. Waldameer has announced that the park is going completely cashless.

Instead of the green stuff, park guests will load a plastic card or wristband with Wally Points, which are named after the park mascot Wally Bear. The points will cost $1 each. Waldameer owner Paul Nelson told the Erie Times-News that the move will save money by giving the business tighter control over its cash.

In some ways Disney parks are cashless -- if you opt for the Dining Plan and put your souvenir purchases on your Disney rewards card. So this isn't really a huge item, but yet it is when you consider this is a smaller, vintage park. First one that I know of to take this on. I say, bully for them! Especially with the water park right on the premises, it'll make it a lot easier for waterlogged kiddies to go from the floating innertubes straight to the rollercoasters, buy some popcorn and a Coke, all without pulling soggy dollars out of their shorts.

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