Monday, February 15, 2010

Well slap me in the face and call me Audie!

The past few weeks have taken me off my newly-beaten path toward writing my book and the last few days have been either exhausting, energy-depleting or draining (you get the basic picture I'm guessing). But today, even with grey skies and mini-snow drifting from the heavens, I'm back on the pony, saddled up and ready to roar forth with gusto! Amusement park tour planning for 2010 begins today with me at the helm, sufficiently caffeinated and perky.

But first, a word from my sponsor, namely the voice-over and narration world, the world in which I blissfully toil and earn monies which help fund my cotton candying, not to mention basic food and shelter.

I've apparently been nominated for not one but TWO Audie Awards, the audio book equivalent of the Oscars. I read many titles last year and two of them seem to be a cut above: "Face of Betrayal" by Lis Wiehl and April Henry, and "Kiss" by Ted Dekker. Guess all those hours I spent as a kid imitating everyone from Linus to Mary Poppins to Jiminy Cricket to Wilma Flintstone has paid off and my vocal gymnastics have helped me garner finalist status. Excited? Uh, yes. Shocked? Well, um....

Grateful. Grateful to God and the stars and planets and angels.

And to Walt Disney for crafting characters whose voices became my first school of "listen and learn".


  1. Wow! That was the first I heard of it. Thanks for doing such a great job on our book - Face of Betrayal. Can't wait to hear Hand of Fate.

  2. April -- thanks so much and congratulations to you as well! Wow -- one of the authors has left a message on my blog; I'm so honored! Yes, I just finished "Hand of Fate" a couple weeks ago -- great book!! Is there a third in the works? I want to follow these women, learn more about their journeys!