Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oscar "what-to-be" quandary

Every year we host a mega-Oscar party, complete with a traveling Oscar trophy. themed food and beverages, quizzes, Oscar bingo and the obligatory costume contest. This year I'm just not very geeked about my costume. In past years, I've been everything from Willy Wonka (the Johnny Depp version) to Abigail Breslin from "Little Miss Sunshine". This year I could attempt Julie Child, but the hair's a deal-breaker. I could paint myself blue and become an Avatar character, but I'd be totally ticked off at myself for the next few months as I'd be certain to still find blue body paint on handrails, doorjambs, windowsills. I wish "Adventureland" was nominated, as I'd simply fashion a t-shirt reminiscent of the ones the kids wore at the park.

However... last night I saw "Coraline". My imagination is now bubbling over.

Stay tuned. A photo will eventually follow...

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