Thursday, February 18, 2010

Voice-overs and writings: hey, thanks God!

It's been a busy week for me on the voice-over the front (i.e. the thing I do to pay the bills and keep me in silk stockings, minks, French bon-bons and, most recently, Cotton Candy trips). Audio book work is becoming more and more rewarding. It's especially nice when it's tied in with Disney and Disney Princesses -- big time, Disney geek out fun for this oversized Disney urchin! I've done some narration recently for the Disney Princess series, a number of read long, listen along projects which I'm very proud of. Only drawback is that, for legal purposes, I can't do character voices for these projects. This makes total sense -- imagine me pulling my Class A impersonation of Angela Lansbury's Mrs. Potts and you can clearly view the scene -- lawsuits and gnashing of teeth and one mighty irritated Ms. Lansbury.

I don't wish to offend the Goddess of Lovett and Auntie Mame.

I so enjoy this work that it's rarely ever really "work". And I feel truly, doubly blessed that I've found myself on this amusement park journey because it, too, is a labor of deeply-set love.

These blog musings have many purposes. I feel gratitude should be included among my blog's reasons to be.

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