Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warning: this is really depressing.

When Katrina hit back in 2005, it drowned Six Flags - New Orleans. Drowned it completely, ruined 80% of the buildings and irreparably damaged all the flat rides. Some rides were rescued and taken to other parks, but others are sitting and rotting where they were left.

Six Flags - New Orleans is considered an abandoned park.

I was doing some research on abandoned parks recently -- there are dozens listed on Wikipedia alone. I can't think of many things that are more depressing.

I'll be visiting NOLA in April and spending time at Carousel Gardens; can't wait. Part of me feels like taking a taxi out to the graveyard of Six Flags. But I just don't think I see the point.

Katrina impacted so many people and changed the lives of those who live in the area for ever. I honor the survivors and hope this abandoned park can either be re-opened or that the land can be used as a fresh green space, a new source of life for the Crescent City.

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