Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pardon me for the schadenfreude...

but I'm not going to miss this Disney World attraction. Not too much. No, sir:

When we visited WDW in November, I made a remark to my hubby after leaving this attraction that it was, oh, pretty much an abomination and should be stopped. The original Enchanted Tiki Room in Disneyland dates back to 1963 (just like yours truly; it's a good year). Some folks felt its twin at the Magic Kingdom was dated, so they gave it a facelift back in the 90s.

Well, by adding in the wise-cracking Iago character from "Aladdin" and utilizing period music,like "Hot, Hot, Hot", what ended up happening was this "new" version felt even more dated. Because the original is a Disney classic, directly overseen by Walt himself. And you don't mess with what Walt himself hath touched.

So I'm sitting here, sipping some tea, trying not to feel too giddy about the news that a fire has closed the WDW attraction indefinitely. Apparently, the damage was pretty severe. And that severe damage included Iago, who's gone on to animatronic heaven (or elsewhere that's, um, a little more on the "Hot, Hot, Hot" side, where irritating cartoon sidekicks are sent).

I say bring back the classic version and let Iago and his sassy face go down, along with the horrific Superstar Limo ride from California Adventure, as the things Disney really shouldn't talk about in pleasant company.

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