Friday, January 14, 2011

My most recent Kickstarter update

Back in mid-November, the universe beckoned and I was granted my Kickstarter goal. I leave updates from time to time for the backers. This is my most recent update.

Friends, I bet you've been wondering, "What will that Pam put our pledged money toward? When will she conquer her next park? And when do I get even more swag?" Come on, you know you have. Well, let me amaze you with the details!

In mid-February, Ben and I will take off to ports south and west, Southern California to be exact. And there I'll visit a total of five parks! We'll begin our sojourn in San Diego at Belmont Park, an eighty-five year old waterfront pier park, one that's recently declared bankruptcy. I've emailed back and forth with the PR director and he assures me the park will be open when I visit. But beyond February, it's future is dubious. Consequently it's SO important for me to make Belmont a part of my RoadTrip.

My next park will be the Santa Monica Pier, so that makes two oceanside parks in one trip. And what will the last three So Cal parks be? The Holy Triumvirate of 1971, the three places I visited with my mom forty years ago this upcoming summer: Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. You may ask, "But Pam, they're all so well-known!" Yes, they are, but they're also all over forty and, more importantly, that 1971 trip made such a huge impression on me, forming me into a Mid-Century fan even at a tender age. And it was the only "girls' only trip" I ever took with my mom. Mom's been with me in spirit during every single Cotton Candy park I visit, so I can only imagine her input while I revisit "our" parks a scant few weeks from now.

Your generous donations are making this five park journey possible, and will continue to aid me in April when I take in the park that withstood Katrina. But more about that later.

For those of you who pledged the amount that entitles you to postcards from three parks, be sure to check your mail in latter February!

Peace to all -- Pam

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