Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm sick. Of being sick. Poo.

You won't get much more than that out of me today. Actually, this flu-ish thing hit about 24 hours ago and is lasting a bit longer. Achiness. Sluggishness. Not much good to find in the experience.

I was thinking about this yesterday; I tend to get sick near my birthday. A lot. I don't know if the excitement I feel upon nearing my natal day makes me lose all focus and do stupid things, like not wash my hands enough or sit next to sneezing, coughing people. Do I let my guard down, thus letting down my immune barrier in some way?

Or is it simply due to the fact that I'm born in the Armpit of the Year, when many a cold and flu fester? Well, in any case, I hate it. I do apologize for not writing anything pithy, fun, or amusing. That's just how it is, for right now.

This is a picture of me as a baby. Because all I want right now is to be babied. Waaaaaaa...

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