Friday, January 7, 2011

From under the giant duvet...

Sometimes it would be nice to just find an extra big, extra fluffy duvet, full of a down-like substance, and bury one's self underneath it for a day or two.

I mean, some folks hop a plane to get away from it all. Others might get in their cars and simply point it in one direction and say, "I'm going to travel for 100 miles and wherever I end up, that's where I'll stay the night."

Those are both really good options. But what's drawing me right now is a giant comfy blankie full of a down-like substance.

I might bring some hot tea with me, for extra coziment. Or not -- cuz then I'd have to get up and pee.

No, just the duvet, extra large bed, and me, curled up underneath the quilty like Miss Suzy the squirrel (Google it; it's a kid's book from the 60s).

Why am I retreating? Well, I had a great day with two v.o. sessions, so that's not why. No, I'd like to retreat, just for a bit, before launching my next phase of Cotton Candy details to the world.

It's also nice to find yourself enveloped in flannelly-warm goodness when you think you may have let down someone. Or when you made a decision that is just no fun any way you slice it.

That's all you need to know right now.

(yawn.....) off I go.

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