Friday, October 7, 2011

What to do this weekend? How about a trip down Memory Lane and an Autumn Fest combined?

It's an uncommonly brilliant autumn thus far.  Want to do something sweet and memorable while enjoying the amazing weather?  Drive on out to visit our old friend, Santa's Village in East Dundee!  It's re-open, it's now an "Azoosment park" with gentle animals.  Listen up:  they're having a fall festival this weekend and the next two!  Follow the link above to learn more.  What a perfect way to spend a great Fall afternoon with the kiddies - or to travel back in time to the park you remember as a kid!  Bonus: it is the current home of two of the beloved Kiddieland rides!

Enjoy these photos, but do take a hike out west to enjoy more in person.  Get a pumpkin while you're at it; we did!
 You'll certainly remember the little Tyrolean welcome tower...

 The Kiddieland kiddie whip, alive and kicking!

 My weakness?  Lambs.  I love lambs.  I get stupid around lambs.  This one almost ate my notebook.

 A goat with an amazingly sincere face.  Forgot his name, but I shall call him Enoch.

Yes, that's us on the kiddie coaster, screaming to high heavens.  We left the pumpkins at the entrance of the ride, in case you're worried.

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