Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Man's Dream, shared with so many.

While tweaking some of my Cotton Candy writings, a few events jumped off the pages as having more than a little impact.  One of them was part of a trip that almost didn't happen, touring through a park that's way too new to actually be included in the book.  But I'm adding it as a sizely sidebar because it meant so much to me.

"Walt Disney: One Man's Dream" is an exhibit that'll be running indefinitely at Disney Studios in Walt Disney World.  I highly recommend, no, I urge you with the strength of a team of stallions carrying a large man in a chariot, you MUST take in this exhibit and this film.  If you're a Disney fan, if your'e an artist, if you're a dreamer, it may very well change your life.  It changed mine.

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  1. Alex Jordan also had a dream ...