Friday, October 14, 2011

Another writing milestone

A biggie.  A real biggie.  Wherein I finally tackled the daunting task of writing the Southern California chapter which was a complete homage to the trip I took in 1971 with my Mom.  One of the most emotional, soul-bearing experiences I've had in a while.  What I wasn't expecting was how the process of writing helped to bring me closer with who my Mom really was, what she stood for, and what she valued.

While she didn't wear it on her sleeve, she valued creativity and play and adventure very strongly.  That's why she loved Disney and Disneyland so much.  But because we didn't have scads of money, we always found unique ways to have that manifest. Quite often it was just a day trip to a not-too-far-away amusement park.

I know she would be so proud of the person I've become, the person who puts exploring and being creative and simple things like play very high on her "stuff I WANNA do" shelf.  She'd have a blast on the Road Trip.

Thanks, Mom.

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