Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I always do these. Always.

If there's a game arcade at a vintage park, chances are they'll feature a nice mix of new technology and "the old stuff". I prefer the old stuff. I'm no good at video games -- stopped honing my skills back with Lady PacMan (Yes, you got that right; I just called Ms. Pacman "Lady" PacMan. And I'll keep that glaring error right where it is to drive home the fact that I'm a video game dumbass). Actually, I should've stopped while I was ahead, as I was a wunderkind with Pong, but I digress.

So I'm always drawn to the pinball machines (my favorite being "The Adams Family") and other simpler games of skill. But what will always, always cause me to buy some tokens is the fortune teller machine. Like this one I found at the casino of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

I'd share my fortune with you, but doesn't it work like wishing on birthday cake candles or a falling star? Best to keep it between Grandma Fortune Teller and myself.

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