Saturday, November 13, 2010

And so it began...

Last year in mid-April, I waited in line for Kiddieland to open for the season, without any knowledge of what would transpire in the months ahead. I snapped a few photos while enjoying my visit there, interviewing folks, sitting and sipping some free Pepsi under the shade of those retro-cool metal canopies.

This snap is from the tippy top of the Ferris wheel. I believe I heard the ride was bought by someone out in the Chicago suburbs and put in their backyard.

And so began my RoadTrip. A bittersweet beginning to be sure. I'd misplaced the opening day photos for months, but recently found them in an oddly-labelled file on my computer. I'll be sharing some in the months to come, and more than likely selling some items on Cafe Press utilizing them as well.

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